Friday April 12th, 2024
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Heartwork: Mountain View's Silicon Valley For A Happy Office Life

These four pillars of happiness ensure a productive work life.

Staff Writer

Heartwork: Mountain View's Silicon Valley For A Happy Office Life

It’s no secret that work can get hectic. Especially with the realities of office life in Cairo, jammed up with congested traffic and slow internet - we can feel locked in a stressful cycle. By integrating the science of happiness into our daily work lives, we can stave off burnout and achieve higher levels of success on a consistent basis. And that’s exactly what Mountain View was able to achieve in partnership with Delivering Happiness (DH), and by reaping the benefits of the science of happiness in their own office environment, Mountain View wants to extend that promise to the rest of Egypt through their new business park, Heartwork.

Mountain View was able to integrate DH's four pillars of happiness into their building headquarters: soul, body, mind and heart. These are the key elements every work environment has to fulfil in order to provide the optimal setting for its employees. The company incorporated all these key elements into their office design in order to weave positivity into their company culture. Green outdoor bridges that connect different sections of the building, a Happiness Hub, room names inspired by company values, a meditation room and cycling bikes are just some of the ways Mountain View have used the philosophies of DH in their workplace. 

The science of happiness and the science of design go hand-in-hand. By fine-tuning design structures in a workspace and keeping in mind things like clear way-finding, beautiful scenery, sunlight, tech-free areas and other features, an office space can dramatically impact the headspace of the employees who are in it. And by implementing the science of happiness, companies are able to increase employee productivity by 21%, grow sales by 37%, and increase retention by an astounding 41%, according to Delivering Happiness. This is the magic of what DH does.  

DH is the world’s first “culture coaching” organisation that aims to help companies create the best possible workplaces. They are - quite literally - a happiness agency, and they’ve partnered with Mountain View to bring Heartwork, a new business park, into existence.

Heartwork business park will be located in iCity, the Mountain View compound located minutes from New Cairo and the new administrative capital. The Cairo-equivalent of the Silicon Valley will be home to Delivering Happiness’s first Middle East headquarters, with vast green areas and a long list of amenities that nurture all four pillars of happiness, such as a zen garden, an outdoor fitness area and programmes, meditation rooms, curated art, tech free areas, among many others.

Heartwork is an open door to elevating the headspaces of employees and businesses nationwide, because after all a happy employee is a productive employee, and with Heartwork it's only a matter of time before Om el Donia has more of both.