Sunday June 4th, 2023
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The Gabriel Goes Baroque

Vichi's Islam Ahmed takes Cairo's sartorial set on a trip back to the indulgent Baroque era with a fashion-fueled event at the Gabriel this Saturday.

Staff Writer

Ah, the Gabriel Hotel. Defined by luxury and glamour, our favourite boutique hotel away from home, the Gabriel is always making us feel warm and welcome with its grand interiors, unrivalled service and great attention to detail. Oh, if we could live at the Gabriel rest assured we would for those who have been know that the hotel will amaze you with the finest touches and leave a memorable mark on all of its guests. However this Saturday the Gabriel is going one step further and bringing you Baroque!

Taking place on Saturday, 21st February, the Gabriel is hosting Islam Ahmed’s - Cairo's very own male fashionista and founder of Vichi - Baroque event. With a 150 invitees the event is set to become a memorable evening boasting a night of fashion and frivolities.

If you haven't already guessed, the theme is baroque (darling!), which is inspired by textured fabrics, silk tapestries and ornate details, the likes of which decorate the glamorous rooms at the Gabriel itself. Guests, men dapperly dressed in black tie and women draped in vintage dresses, will be welcomed by a red carpet, crystal showers and photographer's after which they will be wooed with a cocktail reception and live orchestra performance (you had us at cocktails). There will even be giveaways and a golden baroque frame for attendees to enjoy some self-indulgence. With live musical performances, beautifully dressed mannequins and a live catwalk showcasing the works of local designers such as Iman Saab, Norine Farah, PLUS and Rafik Zaki, the night, much like the Gabriel itself, is set to be nothing short of fabulous (not to mention baroque).

We can't wait to see what Islam and the Gabriel have in store for us! Find out more on The Gabriel's official Facebook page here.