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Bringing together Egypt's most talented and popular young artists and putting their work on everything from iPhone covers to cushions, Tombokka takes art outside the confines of galleries and Instagram...

Recently Egypt seems to be experiencing a surge of appreciation for art, in parallel with an ever-flourishing fashion industry. The latest line to hit the city, Tombokka, taps into these two veins and ties them together, producing pieces which feature the works of various local artists. “The whole idea of the brand is that it promotes Egyptian talent,” one of its founders Nada Attallah, tells us, “It’s all about the artists and the artwork.”

The brand has been in the works for a little over a year now with its three founders, Attallah, Mohamed Kishk, and Khaled El Shaffei working on being able to produce quality pieces to support the art they feature, but it’s finally up and running and showcases work from a myriad of cool creators from around the city. So far Tombokka carries t-shirts, hoodies, iPod cases, tote bags and more, each imprinted with a different work of art. They’ve tapped 33 artists so date, to feature their work, and each one gets to decide which of their works they want to feature, on what piece. “They choose what they want to print on, and we produce the product,” Attallah explains, “I felt like art wasn’t as appreciated as it should be in Egypt and this concept is a way to highlight Egyptian talent.”

We love the idea of finding an alternative medium to showcase art, and the coolness factor of being able to physically have it on you. And a quick browse through the site shows the sheer diversity of aesthetics as they’ve tapped everyone from Hassan Hassan and his edgy illustrations to Amro Thabit and his trippy colourful creations. Whether you prefer Sherif Adel’s comical Arabic pieces or Nouran Farrag’s watercolour-y wonders, there’s art that’ll appeal to every aesthetic.

You can check out their Facebook page here or head to their website here or follow them on Instagram @tombokka.