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The Geeq Shop

A brilliant little online business offers customisation and printing on everything from mugs and bookmarks to iPhone covers and ties, all from the comfort of your couch.

We cannot tell you the amount of times we've needed something specific printed or customised for a specific event or just to indulge in a bit of silliness. The options were usually a long haul trip to a crowded CityStars to find one of those stands that only print T-Shirts or to some far away ghetto with a masna3 teba3a. Thankfully, we've just stumbled on a quite outstanding little service called the Geeq Shop, which offers any sort of customised print on any item your heart might desire from mugs and apparel to cushions, iPhone covers and more. You can request absolutely any design to be printed on them and your items will arrive to you within 5 days. The best part of the service is it can all be done from your couch with their website having an incredibly easy to use UI and simple design. All you have to do is click on the item you like, upload the image or text you want and wait 24 hours for the mock up. Once approved the item is dispatched.

So if you're looking to get your hands on an I ♥ CairoScene bookmark that you've always dreamed of just visit

Check out Geeq Shop on Facebook here