Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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The Lemon Tree & Co. to Drop Anchor in Telal and Marassi This Summer

The hotspot is about to sprout some new branches by the seaside...

Staff Writer

As summer officially sets in, we are all, without exception, looking to run away from the heat-stricken city that is Cairo. We are quite literally counting down the days until all our beachside frolicking fantasies become a reality. 
And because we damn well deserve it, come Eid, we will be migrating to Sahel for some city-damage repair, and, once again, we shall spend as many nights and days as we possibly can – more like every waking hour because it’s a holiday, where the hell are we going to go? – at one of The Lemon Tree & Co.’s territories in the beach town! Our itinerary goes something like this: sun-soaked days at The Beach Bar by The Lemon Tree & Co. in Telal, and nights at their swanky Marassi location every day until summer ends and we have to come back to the metropolitan gulag that is Cairo.

We are sworn to secrecy, but look out for angels falling from the sky at The Lemon Tree Marassi's upscale supper club! Angels or not, you will have The Lemon Tree & Co.’s world-class light yet delectable dishes and exquisite cocktails to keep you company, so you essentially don't even need humans. As for entertainment, keep your eyes and ears peeled for some live performances by some very capable vocalists and sultry tunes that grow more intense as the night progresses. Open from 10 PM till 4 AM, The Lemon Tree Marassi will be the last thing on your mind at the end of every day.The Beach Bar by The Lemon Tree & Co. will also be the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning – all the velvety sand and sun-kissed skin... The beachside restobar in Telal is open from 3 PM till 8 PM for lunch and is the natural procession after an invigorating yet strenuous dip in Sahel’s azure waters. Treat yourself – and the fam – to some of their mouthwatering Mediterranean delicacies and refreshing cocktails for lunch! Then when they open again at 10 PM, ditch the kids, and sneak in some time with your fellow grown-ups for some serious conversations over drinks and a hearty meal, and dance your emotional troubles and financial worries away to the beat of Lemon Tree’s lively sounds and repeat until the clock strikes 2 AM! And of course, just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you should let yourself go and succumb to sartorial peer pressure. Let them wear the khaki shorts and flimsy tank tops, they will come around once they see you dazzling after a shopping spree at The Boutique by The Lemon Tree & Co.! The concept store houses some serious swag by some of the nation’s – and the world’s – finest fashion designers, featuring everything from jewellery to beach apparel. 

The Lemon Tree Marassi reservation number: 00201156669995 / 00201156669996
The Beach Bar by The Lemon Tree & Co. in Telal reservation number: 00201121633666
The Boutique by The Lemon Tree & Co. - 01100609772

Check out The Lemon Tree & Co. on Facebook and Instagram @thelemontreeandco!