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The Portable Shatafa

One Egyptian company has answered our anal hygiene prayers!

There is only one company in Egypt that still cares about the cleanliness of your ass. That company is Electro Egypt, which is providing the nation with their very first portable bidet. For those who think that toilet paper just won’t cut it and miss the feeling of a wet butt when you go abroad, this company believes their product is for you.

Electro Egypt stresses that the portable bidet is a personal hygiene system for ladies and babies, suggesting perhaps that men don't care about their anal cleanliness. This is clearly a marketing mistake, as many businessmen are finding themselves travelling to the Gulf where, rumours have it, officials are thinking of putting in place bum inspectors. In that case, wouldn't you want your butthole to look it's cleanest?

For only LE 189, this ridiculous advancement in Egyptian technology can be yours, and if you order two pieces now they will offer free delivery, because everyone should have a spare shatafa in hand. This company is proving that Egypt is still thinking of innovations, though they might not be as impressive as, say, the pyramids. 

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