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The Protestor's Checklist

With June 30th right around the corner, we've prepared a checklist for everything you need if you're going out to protest...

Ahead of the June 30th demonstrations, we here at CairoScene are hoping that everyone will be safe and, if taking part in the protests, are prepared. Here is a checklist of things you may need if you find yourself on the streets and want to be ready for any scenario.

1.Bring a cellphone and if possible an extra fully charged battery.

2.Bring a friend, don’t go alone.

3.Bring a back pack to carry supplies.

4.Bring as much water as you can carry, as well as a spray bottle.

5.A handkerchief with a bottle of vinegar helps deal with the tear gas.

6.Bring several pairs of vinyl gloves to protect from blood and pepper spray. Latex gloves work too, but latex is a common allergen.

7.Bring a small first aid kit (Band-aids, steri-strips, 2x2 & 4x4 bandages, first aid tape, Fucidine or other antiseptic)

8.Just enough money for food and transportation.

9.Make sure to bring any medication you may need (Inhalers, Advil, Insulin etc.).

10.With a permanent marker write on your arms a phone number for legal representation/emergency contact.

11.A cheap watch, pens and paper to document exact times of police brutality and a number to report incidents. In the digital age this may be done through social media, but if your phone dies you need to be able to document events.

12.Ear plugs and shatter resistant glasses/goggles. Avoid contact lenses as they often trap irritants.

13.A helmet or at least a hat to protect from chemical sprays.

14.A change of clothing.

15.Bring duct tape. A good way to restrain someone being violent is to duct tape their hands and feet. Neutralise the problem; don’t resort to the same barbaric violence.