Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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The Shaabi Track That Beat All Shaabi Tracks

Mafeesh Sa7eb has been stuck in our heads from the first time we heard it. We delve into Shobeik Lobeik's phenomenon of a track that's already garnered over 14 million views on YouTube.

Staff Writer

We get that Shaabi is one of the most recent and most groundbreaking underground music movements to happen in Egypt in recent years, capturing the public’s imagination with such force, it's almost revolutionary. We've always been awe-struck by the movement if only for its apparent power and ability to grow so strongly without regard to any demographic. It seems to be blasting everywhere we go, and it doesn't look to be a passing fad; Shaabi is definitely here to stay. Fast forward a number of years and we’re smacked in the face with something that was at first hard for us to decipher, something that is more addictive than heroin, until we stopped trying to figure it out and just surrendered to its sheer genius. Garnering an unprecedented 14 MILLION views is Shobeik Lobeik's masterpiece Mafeesh Sa7eb. Written by the extremely humble Hassan El Brens in a day and recorded the next, it was never set out to be the huge success it became. It was just a small project made for another Mahragan, for a family owned dairy shop Awlad Seleem.


The song affected many people’s lives because they can’t escape that infectious beat and those jarring lyrics, which are like nothing we've heard before. One affected listener said: “The song has me completely cornered in every way; from the moment I wake up that beat and that tune is already in my head, and it brings with it that attitude, which affects my mood and my decisions throughout my day.” And this is not the only case, as another artist has covered it in a typical Arabic Tarab Abdelhalim Hafez style, while videos of weddings across the region are emerging, documenting the abnormal behaviour on the dance floor that occurs as soon as the track starts. 


Regardless of whether or not this El-Brens is a real person, an alien or just a brens who deciphered a hack into out brains, we can’t wait till the virus is gone, but so far it has shown no sign of recession, it just keeps going and getting stronger and infecting more and more people everyday.





#مصريين راحوا فرح عند #سعوديين ودي كانت النتيجة :D

Posted by Mohamed Ahmed Mokhtar on Monday, October 5, 2015