Sunday September 24th, 2023
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The Smokery Does Fondue for February

Cheese, glorious cheese...

Staff Writer

Winter’s a toughie for us, y’know - it’s cold, your fingers always feel kind of on the verge of frostbite, nothing feels like it’s worth getting out from under your duvet for… Well actually, we could be persuaded to leave our beds for a few things and those are wine, fondue, and – nope that’s it, just wine and fondue. Especially if the latter comes from home of epic cuisine, The Smokery. While we rarely venture out to Kattameya because it’s a heinous drive, we are definitely willing to do it for a giant pot of molten cheese or chocolate, which is exactly what The Smokery will be serving up for the month of February.

Making winter slightly more bearable, all throughout the coldness that is February, The Smokery will be waiting with the aforementioned pots of melted wonderfulness. Oh the cheesy goodness. What we wouldn’t give to just dunk our faces in there. JK. Anyway you can head over to the restaurant and get dipping – dip your bread, dip your veggies, dip your friends, DIP EVERYTHING IN CHEESE. And for dessert, chocolate replaces cheese and you’ve got a platter of fresh fruit to soak in chocolate. We dare you to find anything better on this earth. We dare you.

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