Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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The Temple Ups Its Disco Game With Yuri Omneari

Yuri Omneari will be making sure that everyone at The Temple’s Disco Night this Friday hits the dance floor with a vengeance. You’re not getting off that easily – now, dance!

Staff Writer

Fridays can be tricky; one minute, you’re relishing the sedentary comfort of the weekend, and the next you are growing restless from all the restfulness and your tuckus is aching for some action. Not that kind of action – though that would be nice, too, but what are we to do? Those of us who cannot revel in the marvel that is said action – due to our inability to chew with our mouths closed – have but one relief: Disco!

One use you can put your glutes to is to shake them to some competently spun Nu Disco tunes, and what better place to engage in this dubious activity than The Temple? The floating nightery has just what it takes to set your Friday night on fire with their world-class Disco Nights, as Crystal Dubai resident and music crackerjack Yuri Omneari (a.k.a. Neari) gears up to take over the decks this Friday.

So now you know what to do when those weekend blues kick in; put your nicest outfit on, roll in at The Temple, and put your weary behind in Neari's more-than-capable hands. You know, metaphorically. 

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