Monday June 24th, 2024
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The TriFactory is Taking You for A Run Across Cairo to Help Secure Ventilators for COVID-19

The Trifactory has revamped their Ramadan tradition for these quarantined times.

Staff Writer

The TriFactory is Taking You for A Run Across Cairo to Help Secure Ventilators for COVID-19

You prepare yourself for a marathon. You decide to run your way through Cairo. You start at the Cairo Tower, and then you make your way across multiple city landmarks. Eventually you reach the sandy, towering Pyramids of Giza. You take in the view. You’ve finally made it, and you have a medal to show for it, too. And you’ve done it all from home. This isn't a dream you had last night. The TriFactory, the group responsible for some of the biggest and best marathons in Egypt, has just made this a reality with their mobile app.

#ItsWorthATri, the virtual marathon challenge that usually happens during the month of Ramadan, has been repurposed for these quaran-times. All you need to do is register on, challenge your friends, and download the ’My Virtual Mission App’ and connect it to your Health app.

Runners will not only receive a medal upon completion, but they will also earn Endurance League Points throughout their challenge. Their proceeds can be expected to go towards the Egyptian Cure Bank to help secure ventilators.

“For us this could be the start of a new event or product that we offer to the market so this is a good test of the viability of this offering,” said Ayman Hakky of TriFactory. “We hope to attract many participants and possibly get the backing of some sponsors in order to make a generous contribution and to raise awareness for the Egyptian Cure Bank in support of its initiative to raise funds for ventilators.”

The marathon will begin April 12 to April 22, ending right before Ramadan. Ten days to get through 42 km— are you up for it?