Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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They Protect Us, We Support Them: Persil’s New Campaign Delivers Supplies to Healthcare Workers

Henkel is sending essential cleaning supplies to medical staff fighting COVID-19. Meanwhile, they’ve teamed up with singer Hany Adel for a new hit song that thanks our ‘Army in White’.

Staff Writer

While the current Coronavirus pandemic is tough on everyone, no one knows the level of risk and sacrifice needed to keep our society safe as much as the doctors, nurses and medical support staff that are battling on the front lines of the crisis every single day. Their extraordinary efforts cannot be denied and they can’t just opt out or work from home. Every day, they risk their lives and the wellbeing of their homes and families to actively fight against the pandemic. To show their support for the unwavering bravery and round-the-clock commitment to helping heal and protect Egyptians, Henkel – in cooperation with the Egyptian Cure Bank – is sending packages of home cleaning supplies to doctors, nurses and medical staff that work at the hospitals where many of COVID-19 patients are currently quarantined.

By delivering cleaning supplies, such as Persil, Pril and General, directly to their homes, Henkel hopes  to help alleviate the pressure of shopping and keeping up with household chores for Egypt’s bravest and busiest workforce. Meanwhile, the company is also donating essential cleaning supplies to all the hospitals where suspected and confirmed Coroanvirus cases are being treated and quarantined to help them keep up with increased hygiene and sanitisation schedules in these critical times.

Persil, alongside the Egyptian Cure Bank, have also enlisted singer and musician Hany Adel to join the drive to show appreciation for Egypt’s healthcare sector, with a new track called ‘Beye7mona, Ed3omohom’ (which translates to ‘They protect us, we support them’), which saw over two million views in less than 48 hours. An emotional tribute to the tireless efforts Egypt’s doctors, nurses and medical support staff, the song is a much-needed morale boost. And Persil didn’t stop there – last week, they lit up the iconic Cairo Tower with the same words, spreading support and awareness for the ‘Army in White’ across the capital.

Asking every Egyptian to support our healthcare workers by posting messages of support across social media on the hashtag بيحمونا_ادعموهم# (which translates to ‘They protect us, we support them’), this is just the first stage of Henkel and the Egyptian Cure Bank’s plan to continue to support the health sector during this unprecedented crisis. They’ll be announcing more ways they’ll be aiding hospitals, doctors, nurses and medical support staff and how we can all show our support to the fearless Egyptian men and women putting everything on the line to help our country through this difficult times.