Friday June 2nd, 2023
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This Is How Cairo's Corniche Will Look Like upon Completion of Maspero Triangle Project

Cairo's Governor just approved the comprehensive developmental plan, including these designs.

Staff Writer

Cairo's Governor Khaled Abdel-Aal officially ratified the proposed, comprehensive plan to develop Maspero Triangle late Wednesday, further stating that implementation of the plan will kick off in a fortnight, according to Youm7.
The render of the project was published earlier on Mantiqti, depicting a sky-scraper-studded skyline of the area. The Egyptian government's goal with the project is to revitalize the central area with a number of up-scale residential buildings and entertainment facilities.

The original residents of the area, who were evacuated earlier this year, had to choose between financial compensations - including replacement property on the outskirts of Cairo, or retain the right to be given property in the area upon completion of the project.

(Maspero Triangle after demolition of older buildings to make way for the project/Mantiqti)