Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Town Heroes: the Final Showdown

After a whirlwind of super parties at Tamarai, Red Bull's Town Heroes are back for one epic finale at Tamarai this Thursday, 6th March. We talk to the DJs who'll be saving the city with their beats before they team up on the big night.

Staff Writer

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the Red Bull Town Heroes Finale! Move over DC Comics, Red Bull's got their own Justice League (Justice Shella, perhaps?) gearing up to save the musical world at the party to end all superhero parties (literally – it's the finale to the series of Red Bull Town Heroes nights). The mastermind behind all of this, Tamarai, will be hosting this wild night, where we are sure you are encouraged to don capes and masks, and men can freely wear tights without shame (don't take our word for any of this though). We imagine the night will go a little like this: WHAM! You're drunk. BAM! You're dancing, drunk off of their amazing beats. WHOOSH, you fall off the building. The end. Just kidding. Only the first two are likely to happen.

Anyway, back to the world threatening situation at hand; if you wish to save your Thursday night from the forces of evil, and by evil we mean boredom, this event is definitely where you want to be.

The night will have six DJs rocking that roof, and we took the liberty of giving each of them their own superpowers according to well, nothing except their superhero names.

The ToyBoys Aka Super Duckies are a team, in the vein of Batman and Robin, but who instead shoot vodka out of their wrists (or beaks) to quench the crowd. We wonder who's the Robin of the two…

The Gawdat Bros Aka the Goody Goodies will make goodies explode out of the speakers (what we mean by 'goodies' we will leave up to your imagination…).

Misty aka Mistryo who can hypnotise women with his epic beats and make them slaves to his will. Let's hope he uses his powers for good and not evil. It's a thin line between superhero and supervillain, Mistryo…

Moneim aka Grey Wind. This sounds like something to do with Egypt's pollution problem…perhaps he's planning on solving it. 

We caught up with the some of our superhero DJs for some quick-fire end-of-the-worls questions...

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Misty: To detect if someone is speaking bullshit.

Gawdat: We'd be invincible.

Moneim Hafez: Flying.

The world is coming to an end, you have one track to save it. Which track would that be?

Misty: Definitely Daft Punk - One More Time.

Gawdat: Thomas Jack ft. Adrian Symes - The Final Speech (original mix).

Moneim Hafez: Probably Happy - Pharell.

Your previous track has not worked, the world is crumbling around you, which track do you play as the lights go out?

Misty: Fuck it, a Justin Bieber track.

Gawdat: Aka Aka & Thalstroem - What Matters (Tube & Berger remix).

Moneim Hafez: Possibly something fun and nostalgic... Maybe Gypsy Kings.

Which superhero do you think would make for the best DJ and why?

Misty: Superman, he can probably DJ at 6 different places all in one night.

Gawdat: Iron Man, we've seen him mixing before.

Moneim Hafez: I'd say Batman maybe because I feel the rest are kinda socially awkward... He's the only one that knows how to party.

Fill in the gap: I play ________ music.

Misty: Prodigious.

Gawdat: Deep House.

Moneim Hafez: FUN.

Bar Pass: EPG 250 (including 1 Free Drink)
High Table Ticket (10 Pers): EGP 300 - Minimum Charge
Mini Lounge (8 Pers): EGP 300 - Minimum Charge
Lounge (15 Pers): EGP 300 - Minimum Charge
Big Lounge (20 Pers): EGP 300 - Minimum Charge

Book online through Tazkarty.net here or call 02 37496162 to reserve.