Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Two Egyptians 'Accidentally' Defuse Bomb in NYC?

Two EgyptAir employees are wanted for questioning as witnesses after footage shows them finding an explosive and also maybe stealing the bag it came in.

Staff Writer

After an explosion in New York City injured 29 people earlier this month, investigators at the FBI are saying that two Egyptian men may have 'accidentally' disabled another explosive pressure cooker later that same evening. 

Sought after for questioning as witnesses, ABC News has identified the two men as employees of EgyptAir. According to statements from authorities, who have not named the witnesses, the two men found a bag containing the bomb in a garbage bin not long after the first detonation. Speaking to BBC News, Mayor Christian Bollwage said, “They started to examine the backpack when they found the wires and the pipes and they dropped the backpack, walked around the corner, went into police headquarters and notified us right away.”

A conflicting report from the NYPD claims that the Egyptians actually took the bag with them after removing the pressure cooker, leading investigators to launch a search. ABC News reports that the men are not facing charges and are wanted as witnesses.

A naturalised Afghani-American named Ahmad Rahami was arrested in connection with the bombings after a shootout with police earlier this week.