Thursday December 7th, 2023
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UK Commits GBP One Million to Help Egypt Fight COVID-19

The UK has committed GBP 1,000,000.00 to Egypt through the World Health Organization to help equip and train workers, and prepare the Ministry of Health and Population for the second wave of COVID-19.

Staff Writer

In anticipation of the struggles that accompany the second wave of the Coronavirus, the UK has committed one million pounds sterling to Egypt through the World Health Organization (WHO). The fund will be used to help the Ministry of Health and Population to continue responding to the Coronavirus as rapidly as possible with tests, surveillance and prevention. Part of the fund will allow the WHO to protect healthcare workers by buying them protective gear and equipment, while providing them with e-training to keep up with the latest information needed to tackle COVID-19.

"We are committed to leading the way in supporting Egypt through the COVID-19 crisis," Sir Geoffrey Adams, the UK Ambassador to Egypt, said. "This global challenge is unlike any other and I am delighted that the UK and Egypt are intensifying their bilateral development cooperation at this time, including on the vital issue of healthcare."