Monday December 11th, 2023
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These Egyptian and Spanish Universities Just Established a Research and Exchange Programme

The agreement should go into effect by fall 2018.

Staff Writer

Egyptians are always looking for a chance to get out and travel abroad, and now there's a prime opportunity for students at Aswan University to travel to Spain for their studies and to conduct research. The President of Aswan University, Ahmed Ghaleb, signed an agreement with the president of Spanish University Rovira I Virgili, Josep Ferre that should be in effect by the fall of 2018.

The agreement signed in Tarragona promotes cooperation between the universities in scientific research but will also lead to a scientific journal publishing said research in English. Scientific conferences will also be organized between the two universities as well as exchanges between students working on their Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees as well as PHD candidates and alumni studies. Not only will students be exchanged between the two Universities, but also professors. And don't forget about the Spanish students visiting Aswan. Both students and professors will be travelling from Northern Spain to study and work at Aswan University; another expat community in the making.

Hopefully the university of Aswan will start offering courses in Spanish, because otherwise there will be more than a few Egyptians struggling to find the nearest shisha bar in Tarragona, especially if the residents don't speak much English.

Main image from Wikimedia.