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VIDEO: Humpback Whale Spotted in the Red Sea

Whales typically use the reefs of the Red Sea as a food source this time of the year.

A 16-metre humpback whale was spotted off the Red Sea town of Qusair as it migrated north to its seasonal feeding waters.

Abdel Ghany Nabil, a local diver, spotted the whale during a boat trip with tourists Sunday afternoon and immediately began filming, even jumping the water at one point for a better view of the massive animal. 

Nabil mentioned that he was afraid for the whale as sometimes humpbacks are hunted during their journey to the Hurghada coast. "The humpback does not attack humans. Once I saw it, I jumped out of the water and I took videos and photos of it. Tourists and Egyptians who were on board my boat were so happy when it appeared," Nabil said.