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VIDEO: Watch Egypt's Female Blacksmith Work Her Magic

Ousta Batta – or 'Captain Batta' – is a teenager from Gharbeya who's convinced that there's work available for everyone if you just find the will and power to take up a skill.

Very rarely do we get to meet young women who take up professions in a field that is usually restricted to males, whether in a technical field such as being a mechanic, or a more academic-based field such as the law. There isn't an actual law that prevents women from entering these fields, but social norms often force women to remain in more private and domestic spheres. Well, we just came across one of the most badass girls in Egypt: Batta, who is a blacksmith! Watch Youm7's video about her:According to Batta, she took up the craft when she was in the eighth grade due to her father's financial problems, which affected the income of the household. By working side by side with her father, she saves him the necessity of paying another blacksmith about 120 EGP per day, which he couldn't have afforded. Since then, she hasn't gone back to school and continues to work every day. Her father is the one who taught her the skills, from how to handle iron to how to forge metal. The reporter asked her how she feels when she sees girls her age all dressed up, working simple jobs, or going to school – she expressed that it doesn't bother her one bit, and actually, she still has some hobbies, like drawing.And, hey, who said she can't 'dress like a girl'?When asked if she finds work physically exhausting or difficult, Ousta Batta challenged this by saying she definitely believes she has the power to do more than what she already does at the job. Ousta Batta advises that work is available for everyone – you just need to have the will and power to take up a skill.

All images and video belong to Youm7 News.