Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Video: Bassita And UNICEF 'Water For Life' Campaign Goes Viral

Bassita returns with a new viral video campaign, working with UNICEF to provide 1,000 Egyptian households with access to water.

Staff Writer

Click-funding has officially proven that it is a powerful tool, not only in spreading awareness, but adding value to the simple click. With a myriad of successful campaigns our favourite community partner, Bassita, the do-good click-funding model, returns showing no signs of slowing down or narrowing scope. Launching their most ambitious campaign to date, Bassita has teamed up with UNICEF and created a video that will provide a 1,000 households in Egypt with water connections if it reaches 1.5 million views or points.

As many as seven million Egyptians currently don’t have access to water. The scarcity of this life-preserving necessity is a large struggle that requires awareness and action in addressing its seriousness. 'Water For Life' is an initiative sponsored by Rotary Egypt with UNICEF, and the Egyptian Holding Company for Water and Wastewater's involvement. The goal is to bring clean, affordable, and sustainable water to hundreds of households around Egypt. Choosing to spread the message using the click-funding model, UNICEF teamed up with Bassita, who enlisted the help of director Amr Salama and actor Maged Al Kedwany to create a video that instantly became an Internet sensation.

For those unfamiliar with the mechanics of click-funding, relax; it's simple. You help by clicking the video (1 point), liking it (2 points), sharing it (3 points), or commenting on it (5 points). If the video reaches 1.5 million points, then the project will provide access to water for 1,000 Egyptian households in need.

Launched on February 19th, the heartwarming video instantly went viral and has amassed over a million views, already reaching its goal. This incredibly quick response proves once again just how powerful click-funding can be, not only in spreading awareness, but turning a simple click into direct action that benefits Egyptians in need. 

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To learn more about UNICEF involvement, click here.