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Video: MPs Get into a Fist Fight During Parliament's Voting Session

Chaos erupted on Sunday when the Parliament's president referred one of the members for investigation before the parliament's Ethics Committee.

The parliament assembly's vote on the proposed law defining the duties and structure of the National Election Committee ended with a fist fight. The bedlam erupted between members of Coalition 25-30 and other MPs, after the coalition's MP Haytham El-Hariry' request to discuss articles 16 and 17 of the law were allegedly ignored by the President and Speaker of Parliament, Ali Abdel-Aal, who proceeded to count the votes anyway, Al Arabiya reports.

"You're violating the regulations," said El Hariry to the Speaker, who quickly decided to refer him for investigation before the parliament's Ethics Committee for insulting the parliament's president. Abdel-Aal's decision was rejected by the coalition's MPs, signalling the beginning of the chaos.

During the fight, Abdel-Aal announced the dismissal of the assembly without collecting the vote.