Tuesday 31 of January, 2023
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Video: Peace Cake's Hilarious Takedown of Egypt's Ramadan TV Programming

The Peace Cakers are at it again, this time delivering a brutally poignant critique of Ramadan TV entertainment in their latest video installment.

Staff Writer

The Internet is a great place to tell it like it is and our friends at Peace Cake are great at doing so! After their video 'Kalam Ramadan' where they tackled the things said, without fail, every single Ramadan, they're now treating Facebook to a sidesplitting video takedown of the unfathomable Egyptian tradition of TV binge watching during Ramadan which continues to puzzle millions around the Muslim world. What could’ve gone so drastically wrong with an entire country that they feel compelled to watch TV from sundown to sunrise for a whole month?

Those of us who have tried to partake in the treasured tradition of Ramadan TV observance have ended up faced with long-ass commercial breaks infiltrated by bits and pieces of a mosalsal! Peace Cake took the liberty of depicting what it feels like to be at the receiving end of Ramadan TV entertainment...