Monday December 11th, 2023
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Video: This Egyptian AUC Graduate Gives His Peers the Most Honest Commencement Speech Ever

Ali Shaltout decided it was time to get real and tell the truth by dispelling the myths propagated by modern-day academia and examining our skewed perception of success.

Staff Writer

Commencement speeches usually tend to follow the same general format; inspirational quotes and phrases, endless praise for the university and its faculty, and a lot of motivational declarations. But one graduating AUC student decided it was time to get real and tell the truth. Ali Shaltout, the holder of a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Accounting, was chosen to give this year’s speech, and it is the most honest thing you’ll hear in a while. 

Shaltout got cheers from the crowd for blasting the capitalist world we live in that portrays success and happiness as only achievable through having big, sparkling careers and fame. “What we really need to understand is that not everybody who’s wearing a cap and gown in this room today is meant to be a billionaire or a celebrity. Some of us would welcome the lifestyle offered on a farm, with a small family, a small house, where the ultimate pursuit of happiness and comfort is our goal.”