Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Viral Video: Egyptian Woman Live Streams the London Grenfell Tower Fire Before Disappearing

No one has heard from the Grenfell Tower resident since she posted the video.

Staff Writer

An Egyptian woman by the name of Rania Ibrham has published a video unveiling the trepidation and fear that the residents of the Grenfell Tower in London felt as a fire engulfed almost the entire 24 story building. The video, which was posted around 2 AM, shows Ibrham on the top floor calling her neighbours over to her flat for safety and praying to God for the safety of herself and everyone around her. A baby was dropped from the 9th or 10th floor and caught by a man in the street as smoke filled the corridors of the building, trapped residents inside their homes, and so far the fire has claimed the lives of at least 17 people, hospitalised over 40 - many in critical condition, according to The Guardian.

The number of missing persons is still not confirmed, but continues to rise by the hour. Ibrham, a mother of two, has not been heard from since posting the video live on Facebook, which garnered over 400k views in less than 48 hours. Many more remain missing.   

Ibrham's niece left the below comment on the video in hopes of receiving any information about her aunt.


If you have heard anything from any of the victim's or their families, please comment on the video on Facebook to help with the search. 

Photo: IB Times