Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Wadi Degla Spring Festival: Family Fun In Ain El Sokhna

Desperate to escape the city for some family bonding and seaside frolics? Fret no more, Wadi Degla is organising a day festival in Ain El Sokhna with everything from live bands to water trampolines.

Staff Writer

Spring is a magical time where many Egyptians are extremely psyched at the opportunities that Easter and Sham El Nessim can bring. While many of us will probably be stuck at home, watching our families gorge on feseekh and painting eggs to entertain our mothers who still think we’re five years old, this year spring is full of opportunities to celebrate and get out of Cairo.

There are a flurry of music festivals happening around Egypt that are a fantastic chance to party with friends and escape the city but most of them don’t actually help us bond with family that much unless we’re crazy enough to want to see our grandparents rave to Techno music. The good news is that Wadi Degla Development is organising a full day festival in Ain El Sokhna, at Murano El Sokhna, on the 2nd of May so if you still want to feast on stinky fish, you can do that as well as enjoy the sun, beach and a festival promising plenty of entertainment for adults and kids alike.

How does it work? Well there’s a link that can be accessed where registration is mandatory; following that, invitations are issued out to families or individuals who have registered which they can use to access Murano that day. The festival starts at 11AM and ends at 8PM, proving that it will indeed be a day full of sports, food, music and hopefully not too much crisping in the sun (wear sunscreen kids!).Wadi Degla Developments' marketing team tells CairoScene that the festival is intended to be a good chance to celebrate Sham El Nessim as well as an opportunity to spend the day in sun-soaked Sokhna. "Family, kids, friends - it's suitable for everyone," they say before adding that there will also be rock-climbing for adults, and fireworks at night, as well as costumed characters like Batman and Superman for kids.

There will be endless activities to keep your little munchkins entertained - and give you much-needed break, let's all be honest here - such as a clown, arts and crafts, and Easter egg hunts among others. And that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. If you’re a water aficionado then you can definitely grab a sibling and go on the water trampoline, play water volleyball or just pretend like you’re a kid again on the inflatable fish attraction. If water isn’t really your thing, then worry not, there are other activities to go for such as the soap soccer, family races or even - and we say this with an immense amount of glee - an eating contest. You'll find us dominating at the eating contest FYI. 

Speaking of food, there will be a diverse range of foot outlets to cater to all of our whims and desires. Mana2eesh, burgers, pretzels, shawarma - basically all the best things in life, which we’re sure will be devoured with much gusto while listening to live music. And Rock lovers, rejoice, both The Cadillacs and Autostrad will be taking the stage!

Make sure to catch the registration.

You can also find the Facebook event with more updates on here.