Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Walk on Air and Win Big with Geox

We've teamed up with Geox to do a little jumping. Think you can do better? Post your #WalkingOnAir photo and win 1000LE to spend at the Italian footwear legends.

Staff Writer

In a world filled with nuisances, one of the biggest amongst them is uncomfortable shoes. Fact. It’s more annoying than spilling your fresh cup of coffee; it’s about on par with hitting a major traffic jam on your way to an important meeting.  They just really are the bane of our existence. How many times has your day been ruined because you can s-l-o-w-l-y, tortuously feel a blister forming on your left toe? It seems like such an innocuous little thing, but we all know it’s not. And you’ll be nodding your head absently to whatever the hell the person in front of you is saying but in the back of your head you’re just like WHERE CAN I FIND THE NEAREST BAND AID!!? Which is why we seek comfort in Geox’s comfy feather light footwear that basically makes you feel like you’re walking on a marshmallow. We LOVE marshmallows.

With your feet clad in Geox shoes, it means you no longer want to secretly cry while you’re making the simple walk to your car, or surreptitiously take off your shoes in the office and hope no one notices. You’re as light as a feather. You can jump. You can fly. You’re a bird! You’re a plane! No okay, you’re just a very comfortable and content human being. So as comfortable and content humans, we took to the streets of the city to take our Geox shoes on a test drive. Or a test jump really. We rounded up our team’s best jumpers, and let’s just say, umm, NBA we’re coming for you. Take a look at our awesome photos. We should really quit writing and take on full time jumping.

Anyway, we challenge you guys to try and top our hops. JUST TRY. Instagram a photo of yourself mid-air, tag @Geox and @CairoScene and use the hashtag #WalkingOnAir. You have from the 25th of June the 2nd of July to snap your photo; we’ll select our favourite TWO, one male, one female, and they’ll each win a 1000LE voucher to spend at Geox!

Geox is available at CityStars, Mall of Arabia, Lebanon Street, Nady El Seid Street, Dandy Mall, Mirage Mall (Alexandria), Alexandria City Centre and San Stefano Mall (Alexandria).