Monday May 29th, 2023
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Who Lives in a House Like This?

Browsing the internet, we came across this monster house listed for sale in Obour City. Anyone got 4.2 million LE spare?

Staff Writer

Often, when we pass derelict housing areas or deserted buildings, on the edge of the city, we wonder what it might be like to buy a house, pimp it out, and turn it into some sort of minimal, modern art-deco tower amongst the sepia sea of unfinished buildings. At no point did we ever think to turn one into this...

The villa, which is listed for 4.2 million LE on, looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie, and features primitive gothic elements, as well as garish focal points, like a massive Lord of The Rings-style eye and jungle scene. There are dinosaurs in the eye. The gates look like pirate ship wheels. There's just weird shit everywhere. Ahhhh! What is this place?

Unfortunately we could not contact the owner for comment but if you have 4.2 million LE lying around and always fancied yourself to own a crib that Dali would be proud of, we suggest you find out more about this 12 bedroom monster house in Obour. House warming party?