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Who Will be the Champ?

Though life is already one fat obstacle, Bootcamp's The Champ competition has us warming up and stretching...

Our average morning is already an obstacle course as it is: 9AM alarm, roll to one side, contemplate where and why you are. Oh, you're in bed, it's work time, you have to get up. No matter how many times in your life you train to get up on time, it's still nigh on impossible. Try to get to the bathroom without stepping on laptop/bowl of last night's curry/puppy. Try to wash your back without unhooking the shower head. Back to room, squeeze into skinny jeans for 10 minutes, foot is now in curry, back to shower... and it goes on. Clearly, the CairoScene team are not The Champs that The Bootcamp are looking for at the Gezirah Club this Friday.

Fitness and lifestyle moguls, The Bootcamp have put together an extreme obstacle course "designed to challenge the hell out of you. It's kind of like American Gladiator, if you've seen it," says Norshek Fawzy, Bootcamp PR.

We've been told winners of the obstacle course will be recieveing some BIG prizes so head on down to the club between 9AM and 9PM this Friday. Enterance is free and if you don't have a Gezirah membership than you can pay as a guest at the door of the club.

For more information, check out The Champ Facebook page here.