Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Win A Trip To Europe For Playing Your Favourite Game

Mobile Shop is hosting a Switch Color game competition at Virgin's three branches.

Staff Writer

Travelling to Europe seems like a wild fantasy for the average Hamada nowadays. With flights this expensive, hotels this insane, how do you get to go on your dream trip? Well, our prayers have been answered because now we can win a free trip to the Old Continent just for playing your favourite smartphone game. It's a win/win.

Mobile Shop recently kicked off their Switch Color Game competition in collaboration with Virgin Megastores at all their branches in Egypt and when it ends on October 21st, the player with the overall top score wins.

If you aren't quite the King of Switch Color, don't worry. Every weekend, the highest scorer will win the newest Nokia phone. While it's not quite a trip to Europe, a shiny new phone that will live to be as old as Europe is still pretty cool.

But if you don't care for Switch Color or a chance to go to Europe (if you're weird), you can simply revel in the hilarious faces of desperate players gawking at their phone screens, frantically tapping at them for their chance at the top spot (and for your entertainment).

To compete, download the app (if you're not already addicted to it like the rest of us) and drive to City Stars, Cairo Festival City, or Mall of Arabia and get playing - but you'd better be in it to win it. Because we are.

For more details, check out Mobile Shop’s Facebook page.

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