Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Why Cairo is Freaking Out Over Kazaz

The Downtown joint now officially enjoys cult status.

Staff Writer

Usually your street cred as a restaurant is earned after a decade or two of feeding and satisfying the hoards of after-party goers at 3 AM, wowing snobby Cairo foodies, or getting some kind of cult-like following. Few Cairo spots manage to tick all those boxes without getting some crap renovation and marking up the hell out of their prices, only to slip down the proverbial restaurant food-chain and be swallowed up by a younger, newer, and more sparkling version of themselves.

Downtown’s own Kazaz ticked some major boxes and then some. Everyone from gelled-up daddies in the latest BMWs to dusty backpacker types can be seen at Kazaz stuffing their faces with everything from sandwiches to actual Ma7shi. And now after loyal fans have taken to social media to declare their love ever so publicly to the Downtown icon, we decided to do what we do best and investigate what the fuss was about.

Things were looking rather promising when the happy, smiley delivery man had arrived faster than expected and carrying what I’m now calling: Reliable Fried Chicken.

Reliable Fried Chicken

RFC is neatly packaged, timely meals. RFC is succulent meat, fried to a perfect crisp. RFC is love. And while the soggy fries need major improvement, their Toumiya (or garlic sauce) is the true test of a restaurant. 10/10, Kazaz, 10/10. And speaking of tens, there’s a version that could feed ten people. Maybe ten skinny people, but still massive.

Sandwich Selection

If you get your fouls and falafel game down, you’re a winner. If you do that and then up your game by even competing with “Western” style sandwiches that are in fact on par with and even better than some chains that shall remain nameless (but everyone knows who we’re talking about), then you’re a straight out legend. Tip: carbo load with their potato puree sandwich. The chicken mozzarella wrap is not to be missed either. 


You can get actual tubs of everything that ever existed on a menu anywhere in Egypt before. Spiced to perfection and served with a spoon. Perfect. Tip: carbo load on their seasoned potato puree tub. And there’s a spicy version for the more interesting among you.

Egyptian Cuisine Ambassador

I adore the fact that I can get all kinds of home-style dishes for reasonable prices and an authentic enough taste. I would recommend ALL foreigners use Kazaz as their Egyptian Food Brand Ambassador. Welcome.

Kazaz The Pop Icon

Once you have a fan-made fan page done by your loving fans to get you even more fans, you know you’ve made it. Just see how over the top obsessed these folks are