Sunday March 26th, 2023
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Winter's Dead, Long Live Spring

To celebrate the coming of everyone's favourite season, Alchemy puts on Bloom - a special night dedicated to the bounty of Spring, underlined by some banging beats courtesy of Axel Fowely and the Gawdat Bros...

Staff Writer

The conjuring mystics at Alchemy are getting their cauldrons out in time for spring and they want you to join their fun-time coven. As the season of new beginnings is upon us, so too is the time for tried and tested taste sensations alongside some spring time surprises at the Mohandessin nightspot's mystical BLOOM bash on March 27th.

But the delicious cocktails and soul-nourishing food isn't all that's on offer at the venue's magical springtime celebration. Austrian music maestro Axel Fowley will be flying in from Spain to entertain worshipers with his unique blend of uplifting sounds, designed to flourish in the season of light and creation. Support will be provided by Cairo's very own DJing Pharaohs, the brothers Gawdat who will add their pounding beats to the pot.

Now is the time to shed the dark grey shells of winter and prepare to bask in the warmth of good company while you sip on deliciously exotic cocktails, served right out of their fruity skins; a taste of sun-filled days to come. Make sure you're dressed in your most vibrant spring pastels and welcome the season with open arms. 

Get your name on the gatekeepers scroll to ensure entry to the garden of Eden Alchemy is set to become on this special night.

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