Thursday June 8th, 2023
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Working at the Car Wash

What does one have to do to get a decent car wash round here? Well, apparently set up your own car wash business...

Staff Writer

Since forever, the most convenient way to wash Cairo's sepia blanket from our motorcades has been the guy who sporadically pops up during traffic jams - or at the petrol station - with a filthy cloth to make your windscreen much dirtier than it already is and then ask for 50LE at which point you have a moral dilemma thinking he didn't do anything but haram he needs some money. Or of course the driver could wash the car. But that's always a little awkward, especially if you make him wear a tie. OR you could clean your own car, but this is Egypt, and it simply wouldn't be the done thing.

We should be able to clean our cars without having to deal with socio-economic conundrums dammit!

And so it was that we stumbled upon Maadi's Fabrica Car Care. An experienced car care establishment founded by Mahmoud Yousef, Sherif Emara and the conveniently named Salah Salem. "We were three guys who wanted to start something outside our day jobs. We wanted to do something we really liked and have a passion for and we decided to take the risk and go for it. There aren't really any private car washes, and none in Maadi, just a few garages and petrol stations which can do the job" Yousef told us.

Launched last May, getting customers and cars through the does those first few weeks proved something of a challenge. "We were standing up on the streets picking up cars by waving at them to come in! Eventually we made a deal with the Mobil station opposite to send more cards over. Maybe one day we'll do a sexy car wash but if we have women in bikinis walking about I think we'd get into some trouble".

Fabrica Car Care's standard exterior wash will cost you 30 LE and they also provide interior cleaning, deep stain removal from upholstery, leather care, engine cleaning, Waxing and paint protection, scratch removal, quick car servicing and more. Hoorah!

Fabrica Car Care is in 70 Misr Helwan street, Maadi, Across from Mobil Gas Station, Cairo, Egypt

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