Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Would You Recognise Egypt's Unsung Heroes if You Met Them?

Everybody has a story, and every story has a hero - do you recognise those heroes? Better yet, could you be that hero?

Staff Writer

Picture this: you wake up groggy on a Sunday morning only to realise that your phone has a mind of its own and, not only did your alarm not go off, but you haven't even been getting your boss' frantic wakeup calls and now you're painfully late. You spend all day trying to figure out what the heck has gone wrong with your cell phone without which you struggle to survive – not a clue.

In a 'did-that-seriously-just-happen?!' situation, you wish a kind stranger could swoop in and save the day because you're way too mentally fried to think of a solution, like the Vodafone call centre agent who calmly listened last time you freaked out over your phone not working when all you had to do was hold down both buttons at the same time. Cue the unsung heroes of everyday catastrophes: Bet you never thought of customer service as being that epic, did you? You probably still run with that stereotypical perception of the "hi, how may I help you?" guy or that fast food customer service rep who just stares at you so blankly, you wonder if you're face-to-face with the human manifestation of Zootopia's Flash the Sloth. On the flip side, the world of customer service is really not like that at all. Take being a Vodafone call centre agent, for example – it's not sitting around and popping really loud bubbles with your bubble gum as you deal with yet another monotonous phone call. It's way more personal; way more rewarding; way more pleasant.

Imagine this: You're off to Berlin for a semester abroad and you're super excited – your mother, on the other hand, is petrified that her little baby is going to a faraway land for so long. You've spent months dispelling the hypothetical catastrophes she creates on a daily basis that will inevitably be the end of you, assuring her that you're only one call away. You arrive in Berlin only to be met with the fun surprise that your phone line isn't working, and you're positive that your mother is now imagining all the terrible ways you could've died. Cue the Vodafone call centre agent, who tracks down your phone and reassures mama that you're okay, or the one who gets your phone line working so mama can call you promptly with a series of I-told-you-so's. Vodafone call centre agents will stop at nothing to deliver help to a customer. 

You could see the job as being on the receiving end of senseless whining and moaning by people who want nothing more than to vent their anger to an employee who's just another cog in the wheel, or you can see it as being the calm and collected unsung hero who walks every customer through whatever frustration is interrupting their day and in turn affecting them on every level.

There, it's more than just a job – you're the hero of every caller's story, so flaunt that superhero cape of yours. Of course it's easy to be a hero when you find yourself working in a fun, dynamic environment at a giant multinational entity full of growth opportunities and exposure to international customers right from the heart of Cairo – you're not just a local hero, you're making a difference across the globe (UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy & Spain).

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