Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Yellow Merits, Where the Hell Did You Go?

With no yellow Merits left in Egyptian kiosks, smokers may have to switch brands – or, you know, quit.

Staff Writer

Imagine our surprise this morning, after strolling to our regular kiosk, only to discover that our local favourite, the yellow Merit, is nowhere to be found. Then you start wondering, are these damn kids smoking more, or are the rumours surrounding Merit's gradual disappearance from the market in the past few weeks, may actually be a reality? 

So, why can't they be found anywhere? We got onto Snapchat, and went out into the streets, ambushed a few kiosk sellers, so they could give us their take on this crisis happening in smoker circles.

In what seems to be general confusion, all of them confirmed that while, yes, the brand was actually being sold, it was rare to find. Today, the potential answers to the mystery of the Merit varied; some say that it has become too expensive, so, it is no longer being sold, and others blame the manufacturers, ''The company used to come down twice a week, but now, it only comes by once a week with one cartouche – which doesn't even last for two hours,'' said one frustrated seller. 

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Cover Photo Credit @CairoScene