Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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You Can Now Have Your Dental Crowns 3D-Designed at This Cairo Clinic

Who said a trip to the dentist has to be hell?

Staff Writer

Few things in life top Egyptians' impressive scope of creativity when it comes to postponing that long overdue visit to the dentist. To be honest, however, having someone dig their way into our precious teeth with pointy tools and judge-y eyes is indeed a terrifying occurrence, now made less horrendous by the pioneering CEREC technology, which has finally made its way to Cairo.

How it works is that your teeth get digitally scanned to get an identical computer image of the crown or bridge needed, which are then 3D-printed before getting accurately carved with high-quality ceramic blocks (so long messy and inconsistent moulds) and conveniently inserted in said cavities. For anyone who's had to go through the seemingly never-ending process of getting and fixing the right crown, veneers, bridges, or fillings, this technology is nothing less than a gift from the beyond. The revolutionising technology simply entails one-day fixes for the most common dental dilemma. "We're always seeking innovative new technologies to improve our medical procedures and make them less painful to our patients," says founder of Perfect Smile Dental Center, Shady Samir. "The CEREC technology is our latest addition. The procedure is very precise and efficient that it makes other more traditional techniques when it comes to crown, veneers, bridges, and fillings virtually unnecessary."

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