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You Can Rum, But You Can't Hide

Cubana Rum is giving you a chance to win one of their exotic bottles, just in time for your next beach trip. All you have to do is beat the magician...

You don't need to be a warlock, a wizard or whatever Dumbledore is to win a bottle of Cubana Rum. ID Coktails' latest competition sees users try to 'beat the magician' on their new Facebook game application. All you have to do is follow the winning card as it swaps rapidly with the other two cards and select the correct one. There's five rounds and with each round the cards swap faster. If you complete the game, ID will send you a free bottle of Cubana Rum - simple, right? Wrong. You only have two attempts at winning and then that's it. Bad luck if you didn't get all five right and you become a destitue loser living in your parents basement playing magic games on your computer, when all your friends are out on the beach in some farflung Red Sea resort sipping on some of that light bodied Cubana white rum. Hmmm...mmm.

Oh but wait, you'll still have another chance to beat the magician in real life as Cubana will be taking their tricks around some of Cairo's hottest venues where you can still win a drink or two of Cubana. Check out the online game here and the list of places where the magician will be between you and a drink of rum is below:

8th May

9:00 PM

9th May

Stella de Mare
12:00 PM

15th May

Deals Mohandseen
9:00 PM

16th May

1:00 PM

22nd May

L'Aubergine Heliopolis
9:00 PM

23rd May

The Garden
8:00 pm

Check out the ID Cocktails fanpage here