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Your Key to Summer Fun

From the people who brought you Tabla comes... Well, comes Tabla in 360 degrees. We get the exclusive on the new North Coast venue and give you the lowdown on how you can unlock your wildest summer desires...

Another summer, another Sahel destination on the tip of everyone’s tongue. This time, the infamous Tabla heads to the North Coast for what is slated to be a truly one-of-a-kind clubbing experience. Don’t ask us where it is though – we can’t tell you and even if we did, you wouldn’t figure it out, as the massive coliseum-style venue stands alone on the Sahel strip, and is not inside one of the well-known beachside resorts. And yes, we did just say COLISEUM. This will be Egypt’s first circular club, with LCD screens providing a 360 degree visual experience. 

Having built the venue from scratch, the Tabla team have everything perfected and we can’t wait to give it a spin. They’ll be opening up their doors (we’re not sure what doors on a circular building look like, but we imagine they’re really cool) for Eid and already have an impressive line-up of events, including a concept night that never fails to get tongues wagging – on the 15th of August the circular sensation is going white. We'll leave it to you to try and decipher what that means…

And much like the pearly gates of heaven, Tabla is making entrance into their ever-exclusive club a seriously VIP procedure. To be granted access into the upper echelons of the party wonderland, you need to nab yourself one of their elusive keys. This nifty little device instantly transforms you into VIP patron, and unlocks the gates of the party heaven, where you not only have a guaranteed table awaiting you, but you can also stroll in at whatever hour your heart desires, even if their doors have officially closed. The holder of the key also gets to bring with them a posse of three. How does one attain this elusive key, you might ask. Inbox them your name and a photo of yourself on their Facebook page – the first hundred people to do this get their hands on The Key, that will essentially open the doors to some sensational summertime fun… 

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