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Zamalek Boss: Abou-Treika is a 'Terrorist'

The ever-notorious Mortada Mansour has launched yet another virulent attack on former Al-Ahly football star Mohamed Abou-Treika, referring to him as a "terrorist" and a "devil."

There is being subtle, and then there's being madman Mortada Mansour. This filter-less maniacal hater has once again polluted the airwaves, calling beloved Egyptian football player Mohamed Abou-treika a "terrorist" and a "devil."

The Zamalek club president unleashed a scathing attack on the former Al-Ahly and Egyptian football star Mohamed Abou-Treika at a news conference on Saturday, calling him both a “terrorist” and a “devil.” The dangerously slanderous words were allegedly in response to statement made by the star about Zamalek allegedly supporting the 'Ultras' fan club.

"You're not a saint, you're a devil," Mansour said about Abou-Treika during a news conference.

"You endorsed [former president] Mohamed Morsi in the previous elections -- you're a terrorist," he said.

"Do you know who Morsi is? The man who killed our sons in front of the presidential palace, the man who issued a constitutional decree giving himself unfettered powers, the man who turned out to be a traitor and a foreign agent," said Mansour.

Mortada's angry remarks were made after the Wadi Degla club released a statement in support of the Ultras, which the club believes to be the source of “happiness and enthusiasm in the stands.” Tweeting on the matter was Abou-Treika, who added that AlAhly would “be driven by no-one,” in response to Mansour's calls to label the Ultras as a “terrorist organization.”

In recent weeks, Mortada's feud with the Ultras has been steadily worsening, with Mortada Mansour going so far as claiming that they have made attempts on his life and demanding that any Ultras fan get life imprisonment.

As for Abou-Treika, his tweet comes as no surprise, as many still remember his unexpected announcement to sit out of Ahly's Super Cup game in 2012, in solidarity with Ultras fans, who were boycotting the resumption of domestic football until security forces were held responsible for the Port Said massacre that resulted in 74 Al-Ahly fans losing their life.

Football fans who are against Mortada Mansour's stance have launched debate using the hashtag #الا_تريكة_يا_مرتضي