Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Zamalek: No to Mansour

The board of directors of Zamalek Sporting Club have issued a statement calling on Mortada Mansour to drop out of the presidential race.

Staff Writer

Zamalek football fans have taken to the streets in a desperate attempt to convince Mortada Mansour to drop out of the presidential race. Fans are thought to be left red-faced following a string of embarressing outbursts calling for a ban on alcohol, war with Ethiopia and a Twitter blackout.

Zamalek Sports Club released a statement as calling on Mansour to withdraw from the elections and to focus his efforts only on managing the club. The statement issued by the board of directors of the club said that the whole staff decided to hold an emergency meeting to discourage Mansour from running in the elections. Meanwhile, club members also protested outside the club in an effort to convince the 'Madman' to quit the race. Mansour campaign chief Ahmed Makhlouf admitted: “Zamalek club members protested outside the club and some of them went to his home trying to convince Mansour to leave the presidential race.” Meanwhile, Mansour later claimed he would “pray” to the mighty gods of electiondom before disclosing his final decision on Saturday.