Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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This Adorbz Egyptian Brand Makes Onesies for Babies and We're Here for It

Because your baby deserves better than an "I love boobies" onesie.

Staff Writer

New parents always go through a learning curve. You learn new phrases like “sleep regression,” and you realize the value of well-designed baby clothes. This is where Roo, adorably, comes in. The Egyptian family brand provides the highest quality of organic cotton garments for babies, making sure that millennial parents have their children’s #OOTD game on whilst making them very comfortable.

“Everything is locally produced,” Farah Sherif, one of the founding siblings of Roo, told us. “The cotton is especially spun for us in Alexandria. The textiles are then taken to Cairo to be dyed and softened to be finally transformed to our onesies.”

Sherif continues by saying that the word Roo comes from “kangaroo” because their onesies keep babies comfortably safe in them – the same way a kangaroo mother does to her babies.

Roo focuses on their babywear the same way they do their packaging. “When my brother Youssef and I came up with Roo, we also wanted to focus on the mother so she feels pampered herself,” Sherif continues.

What makes the adorbz brand stand out is that everything they sell is recyclable or reusable. Their tote bags can be used in your everyday life, and the boxes can be utilized to organize drawers. “We’re trying to do our job and raise awareness about how people can save the environment through little changes,” Sherif stresses.

Onesies aren’t the only products Roo provides. They also have a selection of wooden toys, wooden hangers, teethers and pacifier holders – making sure, in the cutest way possible, that your babies has everything they need.

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