Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Amici Garden is Trading in its Urban Nights for Chilled Out Suburban Days

Now that we're all a lot older; forget those party nights in Zamalek, it's all about the family-friendly mornings in Sheikh Zayed.

Staff Writer

Residents of New Giza, we hear Amici is tailoring a day just for you. With the hustle and bustle of the city and our hectic day to day lives, it’s a hassle finding a moment throughout the day - in between all the errands - to sit down and relax with a good meal. Having to drop the kids off at school or to the club, we end up barely making it back home to cook up a quick meal before it's time to pick them up again. Luckily, Amici Garden has given us the solution with their latest addition yet, Suburban days.While their Urban Nights were a hit, their Suburban Days are shaping up to be our newest chill spot. Located in New Giza, Amici Garden has got us covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a kick-ass menu. So when mommy wants her time out, this is the hangout where you splurge on yourself while waiting for the kids to be done with their morning or afternoon activities. And if the weather’s good, why not grab your shades and have a burger on the terrace. If that's not your thing though, they've got an indoor area that'll be playing commercial music. 

Here are a few more of their drool-worthy dishes to feast your eyes on. For more, check them out on Instagram and Facebook


Check them out on Instagram here or Facebook here.