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Cairo and Luxor Tourism Passes Bumped Up in Price

The slightly more expensive 5-day all-access passes are a curious foreigner’s best friend.

It’s never a bad idea to smooth out your user experience, regardless of venture. In that same vein, the Luxor Pass, followed by its Cairo and Giza-based cousin, are Egypt’s quality-of-life solution to foreigners far and wide with a hankering for Egypt’s many museums and attractions. However, as of the coming November, both Cairo and Luxor passes are getting a semi-significant price hike.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Antiquities, those interested in grabbing themselves a Cairo Pass will have to pay $100 (that’s USD) from the previous $80 for a personalized 5-day pass. If you’re a student, you’ll have to fork over $50 from the previous $40.

Luxor Passes, both Premium and Standard, will also see a notable price hike, with the Premium passes setting you back $200 up from $160, or $100 from $80 if you’re a student. Standard Luxor Passes are slated to have the same bumped up price tags as the Cairo Pass.

“But I can just get one and pass it around to my friends lol.” No, Dave, each pass has your face and info on it, so it’s kind of hard to get communal with them. Cairo and Luxor Passes allow tourists unlimited access for a 5-day period to any of the museums, exhibitions and cultural landmarks in Cairo, Giza and Luxor.

So if you have any friends or family visiting from abroad, maybe let them know before they come up short.

Main image from Daily News Egypt