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Cairo Ranked as ‘World’s Most Budget-Friendly’ City for Tourists

Why are we always complaining about how expensive everything is getting then?

Great Pyramids of Giza

While Cairenes (yours truly included) often complain about the increasing price of living in and enjoying Egypt’s capital, travel-booking website, Last Minute, has presented a counter-argument.

Taking into account meal prices, housing costs and transport costs, the site has ranked Cairo as the most budget-friendly city in the world – for tourists, at least.

Coming ahead of Mexico City and Antalya, Turkey, who were ranked second and third respectively, Last Minute’s calculations (which should, of course, be taken with a pinch of salt), say that one full, rollicking day of Cairo-based fun, including visiting touristic sites, can be had for around £42.38, or EGP 954.

This appraisal, of course, is one based on very specific parameters which doesn’t quite capture the whole picture, but the findings have been reported, quite enthusiastically, by British newspaper, The Express – and we all know how much the Brits love a bit of sun  and cheap booze, so all in all good news for everyone.

Image: Reuters