Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Beat Cairo’s Terrifying Traffic With Careem Bikes

Impress your boss with your punctuality with a safe, secure motorcycle ride courtesy of your buddy Careem.

Staff Writer

Getting around in a car isn’t getting any easier in our hectic little conundrum we call Cairo. Sure, four wheels are great and all, but they’re not exactly good at squeezing through nooks and crannies, nor are they (nor you) particularly lucky when it comes to parking (we're looking at you, Mohandeseen.) Fortunately for us happy-go-busy Cairenes, Careem is beating the traffic with a proverbial stick with their new Careem Bikes feature.

If, like us, your mind immediately wandered to a scenario of a Careem driver showing up on a tandem bike where you get to pedal along with them to work, you're wrong. Thinking about it though, showing up to work all sweaty in your suit isn’t exactly good for business, so its a good thing that this isn't the case. What actually happens is a lot more practical; you go on the app, request a Careem Bike and an experienced, fully qualified Careem Biker will tear up asphalt over to where you are, complete with a helmet and a surgical mask (it’s not exactly clean out there). You hop on, hold on tight and away you go, without a care in the world.

Why even consider a Careem Bike? Well for a start, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than a regular ride (they start at like EGP 6), and the fact that it’s a bike means two things; no waiting in traffic (you can zip through that) and no need to marry off your sister to the sayes when you need to park your junker. It’s great for short trips (and longer ones if you can hold on tight enough) and it’s perfectly safe to boot. Honestly, we’re waiting for Careem Horses and Careem Unicycles to start rolling out.

For more info on Careem’s speedy services, check out their Facebook page and maybe give the app a spin on Android or iPhone.