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Egyptian Artist Named on 'Top 200 Illustrators Worldwide' List

Out of thousands of entries, the man known as Oracle Ostraca has found himself on Lürzer's Archive's prestigious list.

Hurrah! An Egyptian has this week been bestowed the honour of being named one of the best in his field – and it isn’t Mohamed Salah.

Illustrator and artist, Muhammad Mustafa, aka Oracle Ostraca, has found himself on Lürzer's Archive’s annual 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide, with four of his pieces being selected for what is one of several revered Top 200 lists that the Vienna-based ad industry magazine releases as books.

Mustafa announced his selection via his official Facebook page, and the news comes on the back of more acclaim. As recently as last month, a piece called The Journey of the Samovar, which was illustrated for the novel of the same name by Essam Mansour, was chosen by another art platform, Spectrum, for its list, The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art.

The Journey of the Samovar

Along with The Journey of the Samovar, the Top 200 Best Illustrators List’s ten-person jury also chose Eye...Vision and Improvisation and American Muslim, though Muhammed’s post didn’t reveal the fourth piece. The three that he has revealed, however, show an incredible amount of versatility and one browse of his social media pages only prove that further.

Eye...Vision and Improvisation

Mustafa isn't new to the world of advertising. In 2007, he had his first taste of the industry with JWT Cairo as an illustrator. He then moved on to FP7 Bahrain in 2010 and quickly rose the ranks to become FP7 Dubai as a senior creative visualiser, before leaving it all behind to be a freelance illustrator in 2012.

American Muslim

You can check out more of his work on Facebook, Behance and Tumblr. Ta7ya Masr.

Photos courtesy of Muhammad Mostafa