Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Someone Redesigned Egypt's Kit and Plane for the World Cup and They're Ballin'

Using design elements from Egypt’s storied Pharaonic history coupled with expert use of national colours, these designs are too hot to trot.

Staff Writer

You might think that a football team’s kit and caboodle isn’t much to think about compared to the skill of the players wearing them, but the aesthetic value and presentation of a team’s kit make up a massive portion of their public image, not to mention the effect it all has on the legions of fans watching the world’s most prolific sporting event go down. Seeing as we have a flair for the pretty, we felt it our duty to show off one group's cool designs for the Egyptian team’s plane and kit.

Let’s all come to grips with the fact that our current plane designs and kit aren’t exactly imaginative; they’re lacking in a number of territories, and don’t really reflect the kind of ingenuity and creativity that folks can come up with, much like Endorphins Art Labs; whose designs show off some fairly skilled usage of colour, spacing, streamlining and design elements that all seem to mesh together much better than what we have right now. The use of Pharaonic elements and Hieroglyphs on both the plane design as well as the outfits does quite an impressive job at showing off Egyptian heritage, without appearing too gaudy, it works even better for the plane because it’ll still be used commercially, and a design like this can do wonders for tourism.


It’s not without its flaws though; representing sponsors without ruining the overall aesthetic of the plane would be quite the task, and the federation logo’s placement can benefit from some low-key repositioning, if not removed altogether. Overall, though, we’d be glad if this was the new standard the team, as unlikely as that may be. 

Head over to Endorphins' full Behance project here, and check out their Facebook page for more.