Sunday June 4th, 2023
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EgyptAir Crew Put the Smackdown on Violent Passenger Mid-Flight

The passenger went into a purported fit of hysteria, prompting the plane to land after only 26 minutes of flight.

Staff Writer

Earlier today, an Egyptian passenger aboard EgyptAir flight 931 from Oman was arrested after trying to break into the cockpit of the Egypt-bound plane, injuring two crew members – head of the cabin crew and a member of security – in the process. The attempt was thankfully thwarted, but the plane was forced to return to Oman only 26 minutes after takeoff.

Details are scarce at current, but authorities were able to ascertain that the suspect is apparently an official from the Egyptian National Library. The suspect, a 'Mohamed E.', was on board the plane along with a coworker, before apparently going into a fit of unexplained rage, causing him to assault members of the crew on his rampage towards the cockpit.

Besides the two crew members, nobody was harmed and the plane is back safely on the tarmac.

Photo from Khaled Desouki AFP/Getty Images.