Friday September 29th, 2023
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Put Your Hands Up for Fatman Scoop’s Impending Arrival at 6IX Degrees

This man’s voice is more gravely than half the quarries in Egypt.

Staff Writer

Think back to the days of the early 2000’s; Britney Spears was still relevant, the world was slightly less on fire, you could get four Twinkies for the price of a current-day one, and a little number called Be Faithful, sung by the bombastic Fatman Scoop, was all the rage.

Unfortunately, we can’t turn back time (yet), but thanks to the tirelessly-festive folks at Sahel’s 6IX Degrees, we certainly can bring the bass-pounding, boomingly raw lyrical stylings of Fatman Scoop over to our neck of the woods.

Yes, friendos, Fatman Scoop, AKA Lawrence Park, AKA Big Colorado, and originally Isaac Freeman the Third, will be taking a detour to the sandy shores of Sahel for a night unlike any other. His voice has been gracing the world’s clubs since as early as 1999, and with hits the likes of Be Faithful, It Takes Two, All Night Long and Sunrise, you’d be a fool to miss out on putting your hands up in honour of this man’s life-altering voice.

So whatever it is you have planned for the Saturday 11th of August, make sure to call in sick/pretend you’re out of town or just flat out say “I’m going to go see Fatman Scoop.” You’ve got to set your priorities straight.

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