Friday June 21st, 2024
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Galleria40 Goes All Out for Family Day Extravaganza

Combining all the food and shopping of a bazaar with the crazy antics of a circus, Galleria40 is the spot to take your family this Friday...

Staff Writer

Galleria40 Goes All Out for Family Day Extravaganza

Ok, so what do you get when you blend oodles and oodles of stalls and booths loaded with goodies to cater to your shopping addiction and even more of those filled to the brim with tasty treats for you to snack on? Well, what sounds like a cool bazaar. You know, one of those fun family days where you take the whole clan and pack them in the minivan (sorry, we’re in Egypt, we meant BMW X3), or alternately a group of friends, for a day of munching and mingling. Now, picture all the above and throw in some circus antics; flame throwers, and fire breathers, incredible acrobatics and aerial dancers and performers strapped to supersized hoops…and you’re getting close to the insane day Galleria40 has planned this Friday 13th. The circus is – literally – coming to town and they’re taking up residence at the sprawling mall as Galleria40 bucks the fear of Friday the 13th and instead turns in into a wonderland of all the cool things ever as they throw an all-out, seriously epic Family Day!

The Circus Extravaganza will be flying in all the way from the UK to blow your mind with their insane antics. Viva Aerial Dance will be floating above you performing their graceful flying acrobatics while Acrojou’s Lifted spin through their spectacular performance. Crazypants circus entertainer Steve Kaos will be killing it with his act and mind-blowing magician Christopher Howell will be bringing his bag of tricks with him too.

On top of all that, there will be some cool live tunes – not just your typical oh-we-are-yet-another-Arabic-rock-band-playing-at-yet-another-bazaar-and-we-all-kind-of-sound-the-same, which is always nice and all, but it’s getting old. Instead they have Clatteratti creating some crazy sounds using waste bins and recycling buckets. We’re just brushing the surface here; they’ve tapped loads of international acts, which blend music, with circus performances, with dance, with all around madness to keep you entertained all day. We doubt there will be a dull moment.

Obviously, all of this is on top of the usual bazaar funsies they have in store for you. Junk food at every turn (calories don’t count on Friday) – think the crazily-flavoured Kukuzura Popcorn and Doux Moments and their baked goodies. And then of course, retail therapy – everything from Mud Makeup to Turath will have stalls.

Grab your children, grab your friends, grab comfy shoes and your appetite, and head over to Galleria40 this Friday.

You can keep up to date on all the event details here.