Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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Halal or Not? 'Halal' Pork Snack

A budget supermarket has been found to be selling an Indian-inspired snack filled with pork blood and skin, labeling it halal...

Staff Writer

European budget supermarket chain, Aldi, has been selling a 'halal' Indian snack that contains pork. Islam prohibits the consumption of pork, so naturally the collocation of halal and pork in one product caused understandable confusion.

The snack made by the Scottish company, Punjab Pakora, is reported to contain traces of pork blood and skin. The German supermarket has apologised for selling the product labelled halal and said “we have now investigated this matter with the supplier, who has advised that the packaging was incorrectly labelled as Halal-certified and the problem is currently being rectified.”

The store went on to add that it is not a food safety or legal compliance issue, but with that being said, urged unsatisfied customers to return the purchase for refunds.